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Home Experts is a creative and dynamic firm with an immense experience. Our aim is to create spaces that speak of design excellence through imagination, functional innovation and cost conscious design solutions.At Home Experts, design services are tailored to meet the client’s specific needs by pooling in experienced Architects and Interior designers along with well-trained fabricators and executors who help in executing the designs into reality.We strive hard to achieve our mission of providing complete modular solutions, by using our State of The Art German machinery.

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Modern furniture minimalist collection. Home Experts has designed the following cutting-edge collections: Minimalist, Contemporary, Baroque, Indian, Eclectic and Zen.


Our vision is to create a furniture that offers quality merchandise with stylish, high-end designs at affordable prices. The company adopted the slogan “Makeover your living” . We are constantly embedded in the world of interior design to select the most trendy items, from the most renowned designers of the last 50 years to young artists’ new lifestyle concepts.


In life, there are the Trendsetters… and the followers. Have you ever wished your home looked like those modern mansions featured on TV, or one of those edgy hotel lobbies that catch your eye the minute you step a foot on their white marble tiles? Home Experts has made a goal to create lines of furniture that would be ultra modern, yet affordable to everyone.


Home Experts is now revolutionizing the typical supply chain in the modern furniture industry. We select from the trendiest styles and produce high quality furniture that will make your home sparkle and impress, at the fraction of the usual cost.Home Experts has designed the following cutting-edge collections: Minimalist, Contemporary, Baroque, Indian, Eclectic and Zen.

Furniture Packages

Because not everyone can afford a designer, nor has the necessary time to shop around for matching furniture pieces, Home Experts has developed Decorative Furniture Packages to make things easier for our customers.Home Experts Interiors (Sthira Interiors) has helped thousands of style-conscious individuals within residential communities to design their homes with matching furniture and impress friends, visitors or tenants…Choose the collection that fits your personality, pick the art, tell us how many rooms you have and let us do the rest! Many customers have reported over the years that a Sthira Interiors furniture package ended up being their most cost-effective investment.

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